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Portable UVC LED Air Purifier

Life time
25°C, 20000 hours
Rated Voltage
5V DC ( USB )
Work Temp
-10°C ~ +60°C
Power consumption
1.5 W
UVC Wavelength
270 nm ~ 280 nm
Air Volume
18.5 CFM
HEPA Filter
Grade13 with Active Carbon
Noise Level
35 db (1m from Fan)
 6.75 m*3 / hour
Cleaning Energy Efficiency
η=6.75 m*3 / (W-h)
Ø 9cm x H 17 cm


1. Install UVC LED deep UV light for quick sterilization, sterilization rate reaches 99.9%.
2. With HEPA 13 medical grade filter, isolated PM1.0, PM2.5 air particles and various types of bacteria and virus.
3. Activated carbon removes odor quickly.
4. Lightweight, easy to carry, 3-stage air volume control, low noise design.
5. Mini design and unplugged, easy to carry and storage.

Office、Vehicle、Baby room、Room and Public transport etc…

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