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3528 RGB dimension

01, Low-power consumption
02, No IR radiation and UV
03, Less heat and long life
04, Small light decay and high-brightness
05, Extreme wide viewing angle
06, Suitable for all SMT assembly and solder process
07, All other colors are available

01,Dimension (L*W*H):3.5*2.8*1.8 mm
02,Dice Material: ( R )AlGaInP (G) InGaN (B) AIGaInP
03,Colloid Color: water transparent
04,Emission Color: Orange
05,Forward Voltage: (R )Typ. 2.0 V (G/B)3.0-3.4V
06,Dominant Wavelength: (R)620-625nm (G) 520-525nm (B) 462.5-467.5nm
07,Reverse Current: ≤10μA
08,Luminance Intensity(R) 150 mcd (If=20mA) (G)500 mcd (If=20mA) 120 mcd (If=20mA)
09,Half Power Angle: 120°

3528 RGB emission SMD is a top LED mainly used as LED Lighting products:
1. Channel letter
2. Portable lighting
3. Decorative lighting
4. Commercial Lighting
5. Backlighting of full color LCD
6. Bulbs and fluorescent lamps

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