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SMD 2835 LED

Package outline dimensions

3528-package outline dimensions

01, Low-power consumption
02, No IR radiation and UV
03, Less heat and long life
04, Small light decay and high-brightness
05, Extreme wide viewing angle
06, Suitable for all SMT assembly and solder process

01,Dimension (L*W*H):3.5*2.8*1.8 mm
02,Dice Material: InGaN
03,Colloid Color: water transparent
04,Emission Color: White
05,Reverse Current: ≤10μA
06,Luminance Flux: 3-4lm,4-5lm, 6-7lm,7-7.5lm(If=20mA)
07,Color Temperature: 2700-18000K
08,Half Power Angle: 120°

3528 White Emission SMD is a Top LED Mainly Used as LED Lighting Products:
1. LED tube, LED panel light, LED down light, Spot light, celling light.
2. Indoor lighting, commercial light.
3. LED strip, decorating light.
4. Grow light, backing light, car light.
5. LED module for advertisemet, lighting box, advertisement show.
6. Lighting sign.

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