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1500mm T8

1 .Using high-performance constant current drive power , thereby achieving a highly
efficient energy-saving purposes.

2 .The surface of the shell is made of aluminum alloy heat dissipation good , goodheat
dissipation ,beautiful appearance.Product safety and convenience.

3 .With wide voltage input , AC into DC , reducing LED decay, starting fast ,no
flicker, and not in the frequent opening and closing power,and damage to the product.

4 .Using the new LED light source , do not contain mercury, lead and other hazardous
substances,will not pollute the environment.When light, no ultraviolet, infrared and
otherradiation , less heat ,no mosquitoes, insects around the light source .Indoor
become more clean and sanitary.After the final product to be recycled.

5 .The ideal choice for general lighting to replace the lamp.

6 .This series of products have passed CE ROHS certification.

1.Widely used in office buildings, households , supermarkets , shopping malls,
schools, hospitals , hotels , underground parking.

2.Various lighting urban underground passage , workshop , office buildings and
other public works etc.

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