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ML-5050-M4 M3


Item White shell 5050 M4 White shell 5050 M3 White shell 3528 M3
Voltage (V) 12 12 12
Power (W) 0.96 0.72 0.24
Dimesion (mm) 53.8*40.6*5.6 67.5*20*5.8 67.5*20*5.8
Working Temp (oC) -40 ~60
IP grade IP66
Lifespan (H) ≥50000
Viewing angle (o) ≥140

01,LED type:SMD LED 5050 & SMD 3528
02,Color:white(16lm per 5050 LED & 7lm per 3528 LED)
03,20pcs a chain in serial connection
04,Injecting the ABS material as led module shell.
05,Transparent epoxy resin around the LED ensures the good insulativity.
06,Injection one time makes sure the surface of the module clear and clean
and avoid the shadow caused to the SMD LED themselves by resin.
07,The appearance is more beautiful than t

01,Channel letters
02,Advertising materials
03,Decoration materials

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