1. The product is a new energy-saving lighting source, with the performance of high brightness, low attenuation, long lifetime and high reliability.
2. The product is made of high quality LED source with low attenuation, Low power consumption, highly efficiency, high antistatic, saving energy and protection environment, long lifespan(>50.000hrs)
3. The characteristic of the product is anti-impact, anti-vibration, protection environment and Safety etc, as a new generation products of green lighting.
4. As a cold luminescence source products, it has never effected the surface temperature of object irradiated and ambience temperature during the operation time

1) Architectural decorative lighting
2) Accent lighting
3) Border/contour lighting
4) Emergency & security lighting
5) Auditorium walkway lighting
6) Stairway accent lighting
7) Concealed lighting
8) Backlighting for signage letters
9) Channel letter lighting
10) Cove lighting
11) Archway/Canopy & Bridge Edge Lighting
12) Household lighting

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