Specifications for 5V dip single color led module:

Item Parameter Unit
Working Voltage 5 V
Power 0.1 W
Working Temperature -40 ~60 oC
IP Grade IP66  
Dimension 31*12.4 mm
Lifespan ≥50000 h
Viewing angle ≥90 oC

01,a combination of a plastic (high temperature, cold resistance, UV) shell and PCB board,
also 2 spell line with gray and white color.
02,1PCS5 white color plug-in LED,other colors 5 plug-in LED,Like Red,Green,Blue,Yellow and
other colors led. Different color LED with different wire rod
03,The best distance between two LEDs is 2-4cm.
04,50pcs a string.
05,Punching diameter is 12mm.
06,Recommended longest length by serial connection is no more than 5meters.
07,LED type:5 Straw hat single color LED
08,Dimension of PCB is 13*9*1.2mm.
09,Connect the controller and 5V DC transformer.

Large-size LOGO, advertisement billboard, exposed luminous character on the high floor.

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