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Specifications for the smart round 5050 SMD LED module:
01,Item No.: ML-5050-RM3RGB
02,LED:3pcs 5050 SMD RGB
04,Beam Angle:120
06,Voltage:12V DC
08,Power consumption:0.72w
09,Smart modules with IC

01, 5050 SMD RGB LED round smart modules are designed for illuminating signage outdoor, which can help sign makers create any color changing by software accord to users requirements.
02,5050 SMD RGB LED round smart modules(ML-5050-RM3RGB)are square shape, with 3 pieces of 5050 SMD RGB LED and IC which can make each LED module be run by Edcolor(GCM12-2048D) controller system
03, 5050 SMD RGB LED round smart modules(ML-5050-RM3RGB) are 12VDC input.
04, 5050 SMD RGB LED round smart modules(ML-5050-RM3RGB) can be easily installed onto the surface of the channel letters with the double-sided strong sticking tape on the back, which are IP68 rated, can be submerged into water.

01, Automotive lighting
02, Channel Letters Backlighting.
03, Advertisement Signs Backlighting.
04, Advertisement Light Boxes Backlighting.
05, Border Lighting

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